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Moras Productions Comic Book Series The Unearthians Official Release Date is July 17th, 2019

Cover A - SM

Writer/Creator Omar Mora will release his action-packed science fiction comic book series The Unearthians on July 17th.

The Unearthians features a sci-fi narrative in which two best friends are abducted by aliens and imprisoned in an underground base on Earth. While in captivity, Mateo and Carter discover the dark agenda that the aliens have in store for Earth and the entire galaxy. But Mateo and Carter also have a secret which they will use to their advantage. They join other imprisoned beings (NAURAX, ECRAPTOR, FLEX) to fight the aliens. Good and evil collide when this unconventional team comes together to battle the fascist regime. In addition to being an action-packed sci-fi thriller, it is a warm, honest, happy, and very human story. The Unearthians is a 12-issue comic book series.

“I’m super happy to have an official release date. We have been working non-stop for the last two years,” Mora said. “It’s not easy to make a comic book series, but I loved the journey and I’m so happy with the outcome of our comics. Thanks to the entire team … Edwin Estrada, Mauricio Alvarez, HdE, Camille Cortes, Phil Smith, and Luis Natali. Without them, this wouldn’t have happened. I know the readers will love it as much as we do. The art is incredible and the story fascinates me … well I wrote it … 😉 ! I’m so proud of each issue. I can’t wait to share them with all of you!”

The Unearthians will be available for purchase on the digital platform comiXology, and in print in local comic book stores in Los Angeles and through our official website. For more information on where to buy the comic visit TheUnearthiansComics.com.

Select praise for The Unearthians:

1. “A fun, wholly-imaginative series that will keep you coming back for more.” – Rylend Grant (Aberrant – Action Lab)
2. “The plot is engaging, the characters are interesting, and the artwork is superb!” – Jacob Airey (Comic Critic – Jacobairey.blog)
3. “Love the Art, Creative Story.” – Richard Dent (Myopia – Dynamite Comics)
4. “Right off the bat, it’s clear The Unearthians won’t be shy about being graphic. There were some panels that had me cringing — but in a good, I’m watching a horror movie kind of way. The visuals grab your attention.” Becca Newton (Critic – TVFanatic.com)
5. “Fun and effortless to read. Fantastic artwork, be prepared to binge read.” – Justin Lee (Actor – Arrested Development)

COMIC BOOK STORES ACROSS THE GLOBE: If you are interested in carrying our series, feel free to contact us at MorasProductions@gmail.com


Moras Productions joins forces with Mexican company Comicolor Studios, their graphic artist Mauricio Alvarez, and colorist Edwin Estrada.

Mauricio Alvarez and Edwin Estrada take over the artistic responsibility of bringing to life Omar Mora’s vision of the action packed Sci-Fi story “The Unearthians” in comic book series.

The Unearthians Logo (3)

Moras Productions, Inc. is happy to announce that Mexican artists Mauricio Alvarez and Edwin Estrada, under the umbrella of Comicolor Studios, have joined the The Unearthians’ family. Mauricio is an incredibly gifted penciller and Edwin is a talented and outstanding colorist. Both artists have previously collaborated with each other on various projects in Mexico.

Now Mora’s Production’s is excited to unveil a teaser sample illustration for the artwork they will be creating for the comic book series’ storyline.

Sample Page The Unearthians

The Unearthians is an original action packed sci-fi narrative where good versus evil collide for a greater cause. Writer and producer Omar Mora will be in charge of adapting his own screenplay for the comic book version. The Unerthians tells the story of two best friends, Mateo and Carter, who are abducted and transported into an underground base somewhere on Earth. Here they discover the obscure agenda that the aliens have in store for Earth and the entire Galaxy. Now it’s up to them to fight this injustice while hiding a secret of their own to that the aliens will never see coming.

Comicolor Studios is a young company founded in 2015 by colorist Edwin Estrada. They Studio has published work through independent comic book publishers in Mexico. The company was formed by several artists who, together, have accumulated many years of experience within the comic book industry both in Mexico, and around the world.

Omar Mora began his writing career in 2012. He has written several scripts and self-published a novel on Amazon.  With his 2016 feature indie film 30 Days with My Brother, Mora became the first Puerto Rican born and raised on the island to write and produce a feature film resulting in national distribution within the United States in AMC Theaters through AMC Independent™. Mora also wrote and acted in the film.

Moras Productions, Inc., will be the executive and overseer of The Unerthians’s comics. They intend to create approximately 12 issues, 3 volumes, and 1 full graphic novel. At this moment Moras Productions, Inc. is in development of seven scripts, as well as a superhero story called Master Kaon, which is also intended to be turned into a comic book.

You can visit and follow the official Facebook page for The Unearthians at: https://www.facebook.com/theunearthians/ or visit their website at http://theunearthianscomics.com/

For more information on Comicolor Studios go to: http://comicolorstudios.daportfolio.com/

For Moras Productions’ scripts and movies in development you can visit their company website at http://www.MorasProductions.com

Email: MorasProductionsStaff@gmail.com

Independent Artist and Singer Dillon Scott will be the Voice of the Theme Song of Moras Productions Feature Film “30 Days with My Brother”.


Dillon Scott is a young songwriter and singer original from Texas that moved to Los Angeles two years ago to pursue his dreams. His last song “Warrior” had a buzz in the internet and in the independent music industry.

 “I want my music to inspire and be motivational to other people and the movie 30 Days with my Brother looks like a good platform for me, I am looking forward to collaborate with Omar” Scott said.

“We are happy to have Dillon on board. He is a great singer and I love the rhythm of his songs”, Mora said.

Check out his latest song “Blood of an Outlaw”: http://youtu.be/lMR25n1ssZE

For more information you can visit Dillon’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/havickmusic/videos

Follow him on twitter @DillonScott101

For more information about the movie you can visit MorasProductions.com or follow us @MorasProduction on twitter. 

Official Facebook Page of “30 Days with My Brother”: https://www.facebook.com/30dayswithmybrother