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Moras Productions Drama “30 Days with My Brother” is heading to MIPCOM and AFM

Moras Productions independent film 30 Days with My Brother will be available for domestic and international sales at the upcoming global film markets MIPCOM and American Film Market.

30daysposter2Hollywood, CA -This independent drama presents the story of two brothers forced to confront their past, themselves, all while trying to restore their brotherly bond. Starring Omar Mora and Adrián Núñez, 30 Days with my Brother looks at the lives of Alexis and Jonathan, two Puerto Rican brothers who become separated by tragedy at a young age. Seventeen years later, they reunite, one a doctor, the other a dark and embittered young man who keeps holding on to his rage caused by his upbringing.

            30 Days with My Brother had limited theatrical release through AMC Theaters and AMC Independent this last April 2016. The movie is available on Video On Demand in the United States, Asia, Canada, and Latin America. The movie, directed by Michael May, also features the powerful and moving performance of its stars Adrián Núñez and Omar Mora.  Mora is also the writer and producer of the the film, and is the first Puerto Rican born and raised on the island to produce a film resulting in national distribution in the United States through AMC Independent™.

“I’m so excited that our movie will be at MIPCOM and AFM. These are the biggest film markets in the world. Moras Productions will have the opportunity to sell its movie at a worldwide level, including the European market. Our intention is to sell 30 Days with My Brother for it to be displayed in as many platforms possible; including TV, airlines, cruise ships; Every outlet possible and in all languages. It’s very exciting for us to have that opportunity… I look forward to seeing the movie dubbed in Japanese. That experience should be cool to say the least.” Mora said.

The movie will be represented by Koan, Inc. Koan is an independent distribution company with over 20 years of experience. Koan has gone on to establish a strong presence as a company in the fields of family entertainment, and award winning feature films. Koan was among the first companies to realize the power of the family market and remains one of the most trusted providers of quality programming in the world.

The global film market MIPCOM will be held from October 17th to the 20th in Cannes, France. The American Film Market will be held from November 2nd to the 9th in Santa Monica, California.

MIPCOM – http://www.mipcom.com/ AFM – http://americanfilmmarket.com/

For more information, you can email us at MorasProductionsStaff@gmail.com