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Los Angeles, CA (August 14th, 2019) Moras Productions creates a new division called ARTE that will be under the direction of producer Esteban Aduriz.

Arte is a subdivision of Moras Productions, Inc., dedicated to the design and collaboration with filmmakers and artists to bring their vision into reality.

“We are passionate about developing creative and innovative projects. We get involved in the story, objective and vision of each of our clients. To achieve this goal, we rely on a team with multiple skills and a structured, but flexible, work methodology that satisfies every project’s needs.” Aduriz said.

Esteban Aduriz is an accomplished Argentinian director, writer and producer  who has had experience working for Cartoon Network, Illusion Studios developing in-house projects as well as Disney IPs in Production, Post-Production and creative roles. He also worked with Yema VFX on local and foreign feature film productions.

ARTE services include: Concept Art, Background Designs, Character Designs, Illustrations and Animations 2D & 3D.

“If you need something that’s not on our list, there’s almost a 100% chance that we can do it. Just email us and let us know what you’ll need.” Omar Mora (Moras Productions Owner) said.

For more information and samples of our work visit MorasProductions.com.

Our contact email is MorasArte@gmail.com


Puerto Rican Award-Winning Director Javier Colón Ríos, Director Susana Matos and Actor/Writer Omar Mora Join Forces for Moras Productions’ Independent Film Inside The Circle

Inside The Circle Poster Social Media Size

Los Angeles, CA (May 10, 2018) – Moras Productions has announced that Puerto Rican Award-winning director Javier Colón Ríos (Yo soy un Politico and I Am a Director), in collaboration with his wife, director Susana Matos will direct the production company’s newest independent feature film Inside The Circle. Moras Productions will be financing and producing the project based on the original script written by Omar Mora. Spanglish Films, Colón and Matos’s production company, will also co-produce the film.

Inside the Circle starring Mexican actress Stefy García and Puerto Rican actor/writer/producer Omar Mora, is a quirky romantic comedy that tells the story of a girl who believes in relationships and marriage, and who falls for a comic book and superhero-loving man who does not share her same beliefs.

Inside The Circle will be Moras Productions second feature film. His first independent feature film, 30 Days with My Brother (2016), had a national limited theatrical release at AMC Theaters through the AMC Independent program and a limited release at Caribbean Cinemas in Puerto Rico. In addition, Moras Productions is currently producing the Sci-Fi/ Action comic book series The Unearthians and has five scripts in development including the superhero film Becoming Kaon; the first installment in the Master Kaon Superhero Saga. PBS distributed A Busy Mind (2014), the company’s first short film.

“I am excited to be able to work with Javier Colón Ríos and Susana Matos in this new filmmaking journey. Both are amazing directors and I’m a big fan of their work. I can’t wait to see how they will bring this story to life! I’m also looking forward to exploring the characters of Giancarlo and Rocío by working with the great actress Stefy García. This whole process will surely be a fun ride, as audiences will certainly begin to identify themselves with these leading roles! I greatly enjoyed writing the script and love this story very much” said Omar Mora, CEO of Moras Productions.

Actor - Writer Omar MoraOmar Mora CEO/Founder of Moras Productions, Inc., actor and writer first turned to a career in medicine, studying in Puerto Rico and Mexico, followed by New York City for his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Saint Vincent’s Hospital. After witnessing the tragedy of September 11, 2001, he pursued acting by enrolling at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts’ two-year program. Upon completing his medical residency and acting studies he moved to Los Angeles to practice both careers. Since then he has built a solid résumé. In 2012 he also became a writer, resulting in six feature film scripts and in 2013 he wrote his first literary novel: Ancient Explorers: The Lost City of Perú, available on Amazon.


co-director-javier-colon-rios.jpgJavier Colón Ríos is the director of several award-winning short films holds a B.A. in Telecommunications from the Sacred Heart University in Puerto Rico and a master’s degree in Film Directing from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California. He directed and edited his first feature film I Am a Director, distributed by Sundance, Starz and Canal +. In 2016 he co-wrote, edited,and directed his feature film Yo soy un Político, acquired by HBO.


Co-Director Susana MatosSusana Matos is a Puerto Rican director graduated from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, CA. Upon graduation from the Filmmaking Program, she received a prestigious internship at Marty Katz Productions; one of the production companies behind Titanic and the previous vice-president of Walt Disney Productions. Susana is actively producing and directing in Los Angeles, CA.


Actress Stefy GarciaStefy Garcia is a Mexican actress. Her previous work includes Moras Productions first independent film 30 Days with my Brother and several national advertising campaigns. She is currently preparing for her role in Telenovelas in the Park in Los Angeles, CA. Inside The Circle will be Garcia’s first major role in a feature film.





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The Action/Sci-Fi Comic Book Series The Unearthians unveils Issue #1 Cover During WonderCon in Anaheim, CA

Los Angeles, CA, 3/26/2018 — Writer/Creator Omar Mora, owner of Moras Productions, Inc. unveiled the cover art for the first issue of a new action/sci-fi comic book series titled The Unearthians #1. The big reveal took place this past weekend during WonderCon in Anaheim, CA. The cover for The Unerthians #1 displayed the beautiful illustrated work created by Mauricio Alvarez and Edwin Estrada.

Cover A - The Unearthians - JPG (1)

The Unearthians is an action packed sci-fi narrative where two best friends are abducted and transported into an underground base somewhere on Earth. During the abduction, lead characters Mateo and Carter go on a quest to uncover the truth when they discover the aliens’ dark agenda against Earth and the entire Galaxy. With the help of three other beings named Naurax, Ecraptor and Flex, these heroes decide to fight against the aliens’ sinister plans. Further on, Mateo and Carter also hold a secret of their own which they will use to their advantage, a secret that the aliens will never see coming. The Unerthians is an original sci-fi story where good and evil collide in a fight that’s linked to a greater cause, and where an unconventional team comes together to fight against fascism and against a greater power.

“I’m so happy with the cover art that Mauricio illustrated and the life that Edwin gave it through his use of color. The artwork that they are creating for the rest of the comic book is just as beautiful and unique. It’s very exciting to see how the storyline I wrote has come to life through the amazing illustrations created by these two amazingly talented men. Now I can’t wait to share our story with all of you. “ Mora said.

‘”My main priority now is to work hard on finding a publisher for The Unerthians. In the meantime, the artists will keep working on illustrating the remaining issues that have been written. Two issues have already been completed. Now Mauricio and Edwin are working hard on the third one. It is very important for publishers to consider us, so I’m also working hard on creating a marketing campaign to build an audience for this new series” added Mora.

Omar Mora is the writer and creator of The Unearthians. He is originally from Puerto Rico and currently resides in Los Angeles. Mora began his writing career in 2012, and since then has written several scripts and Ancient Explorers: The Lost City of Peru, a self-published novel. In 2016, Mora wrote and produced the film 30 Days with My Brother through his company Moras Productions, Inc., thus becoming the first Puerto Rican born and raised on the island to write and produce a feature film resulting in national distribution within the United States in AMC Theaters through AMC Independent™.

For more information about The Unearthians, please visit:
The official Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/theunearthians/
The official website at: http://www.TheUnearthiansComics.com
For Mora’s Production Company information visit: http://www.MorasProductions.com

Omar Mora
Omar Mora

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Moras Productions joins forces with Mexican company Comicolor Studios, their graphic artist Mauricio Alvarez, and colorist Edwin Estrada.

Mauricio Alvarez and Edwin Estrada take over the artistic responsibility of bringing to life Omar Mora’s vision of the action packed Sci-Fi story “The Unearthians” in comic book series.

The Unearthians Logo (3)

Moras Productions, Inc. is happy to announce that Mexican artists Mauricio Alvarez and Edwin Estrada, under the umbrella of Comicolor Studios, have joined the The Unearthians’ family. Mauricio is an incredibly gifted penciller and Edwin is a talented and outstanding colorist. Both artists have previously collaborated with each other on various projects in Mexico.

Now Mora’s Production’s is excited to unveil a teaser sample illustration for the artwork they will be creating for the comic book series’ storyline.

Sample Page The Unearthians

The Unearthians is an original action packed sci-fi narrative where good versus evil collide for a greater cause. Writer and producer Omar Mora will be in charge of adapting his own screenplay for the comic book version. The Unerthians tells the story of two best friends, Mateo and Carter, who are abducted and transported into an underground base somewhere on Earth. Here they discover the obscure agenda that the aliens have in store for Earth and the entire Galaxy. Now it’s up to them to fight this injustice while hiding a secret of their own to that the aliens will never see coming.

Comicolor Studios is a young company founded in 2015 by colorist Edwin Estrada. They Studio has published work through independent comic book publishers in Mexico. The company was formed by several artists who, together, have accumulated many years of experience within the comic book industry both in Mexico, and around the world.

Omar Mora began his writing career in 2012. He has written several scripts and self-published a novel on Amazon.  With his 2016 feature indie film 30 Days with My Brother, Mora became the first Puerto Rican born and raised on the island to write and produce a feature film resulting in national distribution within the United States in AMC Theaters through AMC Independent™. Mora also wrote and acted in the film.

Moras Productions, Inc., will be the executive and overseer of The Unerthians’s comics. They intend to create approximately 12 issues, 3 volumes, and 1 full graphic novel. At this moment Moras Productions, Inc. is in development of seven scripts, as well as a superhero story called Master Kaon, which is also intended to be turned into a comic book.

You can visit and follow the official Facebook page for The Unearthians at: https://www.facebook.com/theunearthians/ or visit their website at http://theunearthianscomics.com/

For more information on Comicolor Studios go to: http://comicolorstudios.daportfolio.com/

For Moras Productions’ scripts and movies in development you can visit their company website at http://www.MorasProductions.com

Email: MorasProductionsStaff@gmail.com

Moras Productions is at it again by producing Film Noir short The White Orchid

Producer/Actor/Writer Omar Mora joins forces once again with Indie Director Michael May


Los Angeles, Ca – Producer, actor, and writer Omar Mora and indie director Michael May have joined forces once again to tackle their newest project; a short film entitled The White Orchid. The White Orchid follows the story of a detective investigating a series of murders, a search that leads the detective to face the killer and uncover the truth. Michael May will direct the short, which will be infused with stylistic elements of Film Noir.

“I’m excited about our short film. The vison that Michael has for the movie will be different from anything I have done in the past as both a writer and an actor. I love where the story is going as a result of May’s suggestion for rewrites to the script. Initially the storyline was too raw, but is now becoming a piece of art. I am driven and excited about the outcome of our collaboration”. Mora said in reference to their second collaboration.

The filmmaking duo has previously worked together in the successful feature film 30 Days with My Brother, which had limited theatrical release in the US and Puerto Rico last year and is available now on Video On Demand.

The cast for The White Orchid will be announced soon. The short will begin production in February 2017.

For more information email Moras Productions at MorasProductionsstaff@gmail.com

Our website is http://www.MorasProductions.com.

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Moras Productions Drama “30 Days with My Brother” is heading to MIPCOM and AFM

Moras Productions independent film 30 Days with My Brother will be available for domestic and international sales at the upcoming global film markets MIPCOM and American Film Market.

30daysposter2Hollywood, CA -This independent drama presents the story of two brothers forced to confront their past, themselves, all while trying to restore their brotherly bond. Starring Omar Mora and Adrián Núñez, 30 Days with my Brother looks at the lives of Alexis and Jonathan, two Puerto Rican brothers who become separated by tragedy at a young age. Seventeen years later, they reunite, one a doctor, the other a dark and embittered young man who keeps holding on to his rage caused by his upbringing.

            30 Days with My Brother had limited theatrical release through AMC Theaters and AMC Independent this last April 2016. The movie is available on Video On Demand in the United States, Asia, Canada, and Latin America. The movie, directed by Michael May, also features the powerful and moving performance of its stars Adrián Núñez and Omar Mora.  Mora is also the writer and producer of the the film, and is the first Puerto Rican born and raised on the island to produce a film resulting in national distribution in the United States through AMC Independent™.

“I’m so excited that our movie will be at MIPCOM and AFM. These are the biggest film markets in the world. Moras Productions will have the opportunity to sell its movie at a worldwide level, including the European market. Our intention is to sell 30 Days with My Brother for it to be displayed in as many platforms possible; including TV, airlines, cruise ships; Every outlet possible and in all languages. It’s very exciting for us to have that opportunity… I look forward to seeing the movie dubbed in Japanese. That experience should be cool to say the least.” Mora said.

The movie will be represented by Koan, Inc. Koan is an independent distribution company with over 20 years of experience. Koan has gone on to establish a strong presence as a company in the fields of family entertainment, and award winning feature films. Koan was among the first companies to realize the power of the family market and remains one of the most trusted providers of quality programming in the world.

The global film market MIPCOM will be held from October 17th to the 20th in Cannes, France. The American Film Market will be held from November 2nd to the 9th in Santa Monica, California.

MIPCOM – http://www.mipcom.com/ AFM – http://americanfilmmarket.com/

For more information, you can email us at MorasProductionsStaff@gmail.com

在结束短暂的院线上映后,独立电影“和我兄弟在一起的30天”将通过视频点播的渠道同观众见面 – Independent Film “30 Days with My Brother” Heads to Video On Demand

30Dasy 3_VOD
好莱坞, 加州 – Moras制作公司和M&F娱乐联合宣布了其独立制片电影“和我兄弟在一起的30天”将于7月5日发布。在AMC影院和AMC独立影院上映一段时间后, 这部感人肺腑的电影将通过iTunes, 亚玛逊,Google Play和Youtube,以付费点播的方式播出。同时,该电影也将通过时代华纳,Comcast, COX和Bright House的有限电视付费渠道同观众见面。
( Hollywood, CA – Moras Productions and M&F Entertainment have announced July 5th as the official release date for their indie film, 30 Days With My Brother. This announcement comes after the end of its limited theatrical release through AMC Theaters and AMC Independent™. The touching, emotional drama will be available on VOD through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube for pay, as well as cable VOD through Time Warner, Comcast, COX and Bright House. )
( During its short run at AMC Theaters this promising and encouraging story of two brothers had great reviews by both critics and the general public. Now the movie will be available to the public through VOD allowing its reach to expand to a broader audience. The public will have the chance to experience this little gem of a movie. 30 Days with My Brother will finally be available for viewers in the United States, Asia, Canada and Latin America on July 5th, 2016, but it can be pre ordered on iTunes as of June 6th, 2016. )
对于参与这部电影制作的大部分团队而言,这部电影是他们的登台之作。“和我兄弟在一起的30天”由Michael May导演, 主演是极具爆发力和感染力的影星Adrian Nuñez 和 Omar Mora。 Mora同时也是这部影片的编剧和出品人——这是第一部由在波多黎各出生, 土生土长的制作人影片,在美国通过AMC独立院线上映。这个成就来之不易,从2012年开始其写作生涯起,Mora就有心制作一部以自身经历为蓝本的故事片,他为此目标,作出了坚持不懈的奋斗。
( This is the first distributed feature film for many involved in this project. 30 Days with My Brother is directed by Michael May and also features the powerful and moving performance of its stars Adrian Nuñez and Omar Mora. Mora also wrote and produced the film and is the first Puerto Rican born and raised on the island to produce a film resulting in national distribution in the United States through AMC Independent™. This feat is not to be taken lightly, as he has been working hard towards this goal since he began his writing career in 2012 with the intention of documenting his stories and producing them into feature films. )
Mora是拉丁美洲独立制作人国家联盟的会员。他是通过参加由AMC院线在2015年NALIP媒体峰会上举办的Nikkole Denson-Randolph讲座,而了解到关于AMC独立院线资讯的。这个讲座为Mora提供了必要的知识和渠道来成功发行他的电影。
( Mora is a member of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP). It was through a workshop led by AMC Theatres’ Nikkole Denson-Randolph at the 2015 NALIP Media Summit that Mora learned about AMC Independent™. This workshop provided Mora with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully distribute his film. )
( “I’m very excited that our movie will be out on cable and online VOD,” said Mora. He added, “Our theatrical release was very short and limited to a few cities. Now we will be able to share our movie domestically with the whole nation in the United States, and internationally in Asia, Canada and Latin America. 30 Days with My Brother is a movie for everyone. The message of the movie is universal and I know it will connect with audiences and touch people’s heart. I’m very proud of our indie film.” )
这部感人至深的故事片讲述的是两兄弟被迫面对他们的过去,同时又都在想方设法重建彼此之间的兄弟关系。这部由Mora和Nuñez主演的电影,讲述了来自波多黎各的两兄弟,在童年时代因为悲剧而分离, 17年后兄弟团聚,一个成为医生, 一个成为因为自己不幸遭遇而心怀怨恨的黑色人物。
( A heart-warming drama, 30 Days with My Brother is the story of two brothers who are forced to confront their past, themselves, all while trying to restore their relationship as brothers. Starring Mora and Nuñez, 30 Days look at the lives of two brothers from Puerto Rico who are separated by tragedy at a young age. After 17 years the brothers reunite, one a doctor, the other a dark and embittered young man holding on to his rage caused by his upbringing. )
和我的兄弟在一起的30天”由才华横溢的Stefy Garcia, Evelyn Michelle, Amy SchloerbEnrique Fosse 主演。编剧为Omar Mora, 由Moras制作公司和M&F娱乐出品。
( 30 Days With My Brother also features the wonderful talent of Stefy Garcia, Evelyn Michelle, Amy Schloerb and Enrique Fosse. The film was written by Omar Mora and produced by Moras Productions and M&F Entertainment. )
30 Days With My Brother (Hong Kong) HD 未作評級 – https://itunes.apple.com/hk/movie/30-days-with-my-brother/id1117722351
30_DAYS_POSTER_Social Media