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Moras Productions First Short Film “A Busy Mind” will be featured on PBS, reaching over 18 million viewers.

Moras Productions first production short film will be air on PBS-KVCR on Southern California. The short film will be airing as part of the Short Showcase Film Festival that PBS sponsored. The film will be airing this coming Saturday, May 10, 2014 11:00PM on PBS-KVCR.

A BUSY MIND is Written and Starring by Omar Mora; Directed and Edited by  Alan Solares

Logline: A depressed young man is confronted by his soul.    

Backstory: “This short film is dedicated to a friend of mine that was depressed and contemplated suicide as an escape.  He did not take that choice, instead he took the choice to keep living.  Now he is happy”. Omar Mora


ShortsShowcase airs on PBS-KVCR, reaching over 18 million viewers – in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and North County San Diego counties – every Saturday evening at 11:00pm

(TWC: Ch 9, Dish: Ch 24, Direct TV: Ch 24, Verizon FIOS: Ch 524HD, Antenna: Ch 9)

For more information visit: http://shortsshowcase.com/