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Moras Productions completes the cast for their upcoming short thriller The White Orchid

Actors Omar Mora, Laura Alemán and Loren Ledesma to star on the Film Noir style short film.


Los Angeles, CA – Actresses Laura Alemán and Loren Ledesma join actor Omar Mora completing the cast for the short film The White Orchid, which is schedule to shoot on February 2017 in the city of Los Angeles, CA.

The White Orchid follows the story of a detective investigating a series of murders. This search leads the detective to face the killer and uncover the truth. Michael May will direct the short, which will be infused with stylistic elements of Film Noir.

Alemán is an award winning actress whose most recent work can be seen on the Crackle/Sony Pictures Television shows StartUp and Cleaners. Her upcoming films include Extra Terrestres, Sol De Media Noche, and Snowbound.

Ledesma was most recently seen in the independent film One More Notch. She has also been cast in three upcoming indie feature films, which are currently in development.

Meanwhile, Mora continues to create opportunities for actors and filmmakers through his projects. His first short film, A Busy Mind, was created under his company Moras Productions, Inc. and was distributed by PBS in Southern California. His first feature film 30 Days with My Brother was distributed by AMC theaters across seven cities in the United States and in Puerto Rico. Mora has written eight more scripts, which are currently in development under the umbrella of Moras Productions, Inc.

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Moras Production’s novel Ancient Explorers: The Lost City of Peru is Available in Spanish

Omar Mora’s novel “Ancient Explorers: The Lost City of Peru” is translated in Spanish. The Spanish version is available in Amazon and Kindle. 

La novela “Los Exploradores Antiguos: La Ciudad Perdida del Peru”  es una historia de aventura y accion, donde cuatro amigos deciden ir a buscar los tesoros de Paititi. Paititi es una ciudad perdida en el Peru. La leyenda cuenta que hay muchos tesoros en ella. Es una historia para toda la familia donde el misterio y la aventura predominan.

You can get both versions of the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Omar-Mora/e/B00HC0BP0U/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_5?qid=1400869254&sr=8-5

For More Information visit the official website of the novel: http://ancientexplorers.wordpress.com/




The Lost City of Peru: Paititi and Ancient Theories becomes the Subject of a New Adventure/Sci-Fi Novel by a Latin Actor, Writer and Filmmaker

Spotlight PR Company

Los Angeles, CA – Actor, Writer and Producer Omar Mora just published his first literary novel “Ancient Explorers: The Lost City of Peru”; an adventure, action, thriller and sci-fi novel.

“I have too many ideas and stories on my mind and there are constantly popping up. I wrote four feature films these last two years and it’s been difficult to raise money to make them happen. But I love the stories, so I took one of my favorite scripts and converted into a novel. I love storytelling and writing the novel is a way to have my story out for all to read and enjoy”, says actor and writer Omar Mora.

The novel is about Mark and Luis that are best friends who grew up together listening to Mark’s grandfather tell stories about his adventures and big hidden treasures. As they grew up and became more responsible, they forgot about these stories, until they met Jennifer and Sandy, two archeologists that got interested in Mark’s compass because of the ancient symbols that the compass had. As they got involved and interested, Mark and Luis showed them a treasure map that Mark’s grandfather gave them when they were kids. As they are studying the map they discovered that it’s a map that leads to Paititi: The Lost City of Peru. The journey of discovering Paititi and their treasures is a journey into the unknown, a magical and adventurous journey that will change their lives forever.

“It’s a fun and cool story. I love it. It has all the elements that I like. It has adventure, action, thriller, comedy and fantasy…and at the same time it’s heartwarming”, Mora said with a big smile in his face.

“Ancient Explorers: The Lost City of Peru” is available now at Amazon.com and Kindle. The novel will be available soon in Spanish.

For more information visit http://ancientexplorers.wordpress.com/